The team

Meet the director and members of the Lothian Birth Cohorts team, and find out about their roles.

Director of Lothian Birth Cohorts, Dr Simon Cox

Lothian Birth Cohorts director, Dr Simon Cox

Simon received his PhD in 2012 at the University of Edinburgh, and has worked with the Lothian Birth Cohorts for more than a decade. He is interested in how the brain facilitates complex cognitive abilities, and how and why people differ in their abilities across the life course.

Simon leads the Disconnected Mind Phase 4 funded by Age UK, and is Principal Investigator on the current MRC-funded LBC1936 neuroimaging study. He is a Senior Research Fellow within the Department of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, and was recently awarded a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship by Wellcome and The Royal Society.

Since December 2020 Simon is the Director of the Disconnected Mind project and the Lothian Birth Cohorts.

Lothian Birth Cohorts team members

Dr Simon Cox Principal Investigator
Ian Deary, Professor Emeritus Co-Investigator and Founding Director
Professor Joanna Wardlaw Co-Investigator
Dr Tom C. Russ Co-Investigator and Principal Medical Contact
Professor Michelle Luciano Co-Investigator
Professor Mark Bastin Co-Investigator
Professor Susan Shenkin Co-Investigator
Dr Janie Corley Co-Investigator
Dr Sarah Harris Co-Investigator
Dr Susana Munoz-Maniega Co-Investigator
Ms Adele Taylor Study Coordinator
Mr Paul Redmond Database Manager
Mr David Liewald Computer Manager
Ms Sabela Mendez Research Assistant
Dr Barbora Skarabela Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer
Dr W. David Hill MRC Research Fellow
Dr Gail Davies Research Associate
Dr Colin Buchanan Research Associate
Dr Charley Xia Research Assistant
Dr Lucia Ballerini Research Associate
Dr Joanna Moodie Research Associate
Dr Jure Mur Research Fellow
 Dr Anna Fürtjes Research Associate
Dr Eleanor Conole Research Associate
Ms Austeja Ciulkinyte PhD Student
Mr Jonny Flint PhD Student
Mr Sam Gibbon PhD Student
Mr Otto Jutila PhD Student
Mr Arish Rakshasa PhD Student
Ms Hannah Smith PhD Student