Public engagement

We are committed to actively sharing our findings about healthier cognitive and brain ageing with a wide range of non-academic audiences. Find out about our public engagement and knowledge exchange activities.

Lothian Birth Cohort participant with potrait and model of brain at exhibition

Sharing secrets of healthy ageing with non-academic audiences

Cognitive decline is one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st Century. Losing thinking skills is one of our greatest fears about ageing. It is also the main reason why people lose their independence.

The Lothian Birth Cohorts' research aims to understand how and why changes in thinking abilities happen throughout the life-course and during ageing itself. Its ultimate aim is to provide information for practical interventions that might slow age-related mental decline and, therefore, improve the quality of later life.



Since 2004 we have worked closely with Age UK in translating our findings to wider audiences. In 2017 Age UK launched the Staying Sharp web-pages, based on the Lothian Birth Cohorts' findings.

Visit Staying Sharp pages with tips for staying sharp in later life

Watch a short animation of Professor Ian Deary acting out how to stay shapr in later life

Influencing behaviour with cultural engagement

Lothian Birth Cohorts at Festival with children

We organise and facilitate engagement activities, including

  • talks, exhibitions, and workshops
  • with children, policy makers, artists and media
  • at festivals, galleries, museums and schools.

If you are interested in arranging or participating in one of our activities, contact the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer at or the LBC1936 team co-ordinator at

Examples of recent public engagement activities